Dan's Weight Loss Journey

Not as easy as you would think.

My Overall Total Weight Loss

Small Victories

My starting weight this week (Monday) was 325lbs. Today (Friday), I weigh 321.8lbs.

By restricting my diet to the HMR diet, I have started dropping pounds, but this time, for good. I made the mistake of stopping half way to my goal last time, which resulting in me swelling back up.

240lbs or BUST!



The 40 Pound Slip Up.

One year ago, when I switched off of HMR and tried another type of diet, I started gaining weight, slowly. I kept a close eye on my weight for about 2 months, and hovered around 285lbs. That is until Thanksgiving and Christmas came. All the cookies and sweets took their toll on me. When I went to the doctor in September 2013 I was 286lbs, then when I went again in January 2014, I was 307lbs.

From January until now (August 2014), I have gained 18 pounds. I currently weigh 325lbs.

After all the hard work and everything I did to lose weight, how did this happen? I stopped moving, I stopped working out, and I stopped doing everything.

I had been maintaining my weight at ~315lbs, but then it shot up to 325lbs. That scared the heck out of me.

So, I have no other choice than to get back on HMR, get control of my calorie intake and start being active.

I’m going to do everything I can to drop this weight and get things back on track. It’s absolutely terrifying to realize that I’ve gained nearly 40 pounds in almost a year.

Now, forward to Victory. (again)

Time to refocus.

You know how life is, things get put on the back burner as life gets crazy or hectic. I look at my weight loss goal in phases, I lose my initial 65 pounds, now I need to push into high gear again and power towards my second 65 pounds.

That will bring my overall total weight to 225 pounds. If I am able to attain that goal, I would have lost 125 pounds, for god sakes, thats a middle school student!

One good thing I have found in my plateau is that my diet is so tuned that I am not gaining or losing, I’m eating a perfect amount of food to maintain my weight. When I switched from HMR food to regular food, I did put on about 8 pounds though, but I haven’t gained anymore. Current I am around 290 – 293.

Here is my goal, 3 days a week of 1 hour intense cardio and weight lifting. Saturday and Sunday plus another day, Friday or Monday. Then, once I’m comfortable, add in another day. The end goal is to get 5 days a week of 45 minutes to an hour.

One thing that I will be doing once we are financially able to is, get back on HMR. It’s around 200 dollars for two weeks of food. That is 4 entrees and 3 shakes a day. The calorie intake on that meal plan is ideal for me. I never got hungry and weight loss was consistent. Plus, I know that my current diet is in tune to allow for maintenance.

2014 will be the year of 225 pounds.


Switching up my diet.

Kelly and I have been doing the HMR diet for awhile now, because it’s so expensive, we are going to switch to “The South Beach Diet”. We are pretty excited about it, my body needs to recalibrate to the new diet and such. I’ve been hovering around 300 for over a week, I am hoping to break the 300 mark here soon!! Kelly is SO close to breaking the 200 mark, she’ll be 199 before I’m 299!


I started this plan on Thursday May 23rd at 331 pounds. By following the meal plan, which consists of 3 shakes and 4 entrees a day for a week. I have also incorporated 5 servings of Veggies and Fruits (see what I did there? hehe). I eat an entire bag of salad with lunch and half a cup of grapes, strawberries and carrots (sometimes replaced with raspberries) through out the day.

My calorie intake is between 1300 – 1400 and I’m burning around 2300 – 2400 calories a day.

Since May 23rd, I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight. Going from 331 pounds to 311 pounds. Losing 20 pounds and several inches in just 27 days.

I am more than thrilled by the results! The only thing I haven’t been consistent with is the physical activity, I need to start being more active, which I’m working on. But the calorie difference alone allows me to burn off weight. At my caloric intake I’m somewhere around a 1000 calorie deficit, which means ever 3 days I’ll burn a pound, unless I’m more active and widen the gap.

There have been several days where I’ve ridden 15 miles and burned somewhere around 2200 calories during just the ride. This whole losing weight thing, while sometimes complicated, it’s actually pretty easy, it’s all about portion sizes and calorie intake. I know, everybody hates counting calories. But that’s where HMR handles it for you, all the entrees are around 200 calories (a few are slightly higher) and the shakes are 160 calories each, find a eating pattern that works for you and away you go.

I found it most beneficial to eat every 2 hours.

Prior to starting this meal plan system, I had gone from 345 pounds to 331 pounds simply by reducing my portion sizes, not eating out and eating more veggies. So if you trying to lose weight, don’t say it’s too hard, it’s not. Just eat cleaner!

6/16 Measurements

Neck Chest Waist Thigh Bicep
Dan 18” 47” 48” 29” 14 1/2”
Kelly 15 1/2” 45” 43 1/2” 25” 13 1/2”

Phase 1 – Initial Weight Loss

I have fought with my weight for several years, usually sticking around the 345 – 350lb pound mark. But since I started eating HMR food, I have noticed my weight really dropping.

I have three overall goals that I want to hit, the first two goals are 50 pounds each, and the final goal is 25 pounds.

As of today (June 14th 2013) I am 51% complete with my first goal, That is according to the overall trend though, my current weight is 314.6 but the trend shows 324 pounds.

Once I hit 299 pounds, I will start the second phase of my journey, getting down to 250 pounds. And finally the last phase of my weight loss, once I hit 249 pounds, my goal is to get down to 225 – 230 pounds.

6/9 Measurements

6/9 Neck Chest Waist Thigh Bicep
Dan 18” 48” 47 1/2” 31” 15”
Kelly 15 1/2” 45 1/2” 44” 24 1/2” 13 1/2”

Weekly Measurements

Each week Kelly and I will be measured, so we can gauge our overall loss.

Last week was week one for me.

5/26 Dan Kelly
Neck 19” 16”
Chest 51” 48”
Waist 49 1/2” 46”
Thigh 35” 25 1/2”
Bicep 16” 12”
Neck 18 1/2” 15 1/2”
Chest 48” 47 1/2”
Waist 48 1/2” 45”
Thigh 31” 22 1/2”
Bicep 16” 13 1/2”


So, for starters, I want to congratulate my Wife! She is down 40 pounds!!! Which is amazing! It has also pushed me to get my ass into gear, I’ve been watching very closely what I eat and how much of it I’m eating. Plus, I’m going to start the same kind of eating plan that my Wife, Kelly is on. It’s called HMR (Health Management Resources) and while it’s a little expensive, I will not be buying a lot of groceries, so I’m just sliding what money I would put towards groceries to this new way of eating.

Basically it’s a controlled number of calories that you’re eating, and you’re suppose to get quite a bit of physical activity in, such as walking. With the controlled calorie input and the physical activity, weight loss is just going to happen. With Kelly though, she’s doing a program that has her eating nothing but the food they provide, and she sees a doctor and gets blood work done to ensure she’s staying healthy. I, on the other hand, am doing the at-home program, which involves me doing it on my own and without the doctor visits. However, if I felt the need to get blood work done, there is a place nearby called AnyLabTestNow and I could get a blood panel done.

My goal is eat the meals from HMR and include a lot of veggies and fruits. I’ve been making a lot of smoothies here recently and find them quite satisfying! I even throw in some whey protein powder from time to time :-)

Here is one my favorite smoothies!

Chocolate Banana Strawberry

Recipe Type: Smoothie
Author: Dan Walker
Prep time:
Total time:
Serves: 1-2
Delicious on a hot day, it’s filling and it’s good for you!
  • Chocolate Whey Protein Powder (mixed with 1 cup of water)
  • 1 cup of fresh Strawberries
  • 1 whole banana
  • 1 cup of ice
  1. So, because the protein shake mix comes in a powder I add it first, then add a cup of water and do a quick blend just to get it all mixed up. Add your banana and strawberries and blend it up. When it gets to a good smooth consistency toss in your ice and blend it until all the ice is crushed and blended in.


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